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Introduction of microfiber synthetic leather
!!Ma Duanrui, Shanghai Huafon Micro-fiber Co., Ltd.

2019-09-11 16:43:52
Ma Duanrui, Shanghai Huafon Micro-fiber Co., Ltd. presented report of Introduction of microfiber synthetic leather  

Leather is divided into natural leather and artificial leather. 

Natural leather refers to leather, and its processing process is complex, with about a dozen process to finished products. The most important is tanning, but this process will cause severe water pollution. 

Microfiber leather craft is to make mesh nonwoven fabric with two raw materials of LDPE and polyamide, and then to microfiber base cloth and suede microfiber or veneered microfiber. 

In the report, Mr. Ma compared natural leather with a series of synthetic leather from the perspective of raw materials, the actual feel as well as the service life, products and functionality. Relatively speaking, the environmental protection of microfiber synthetic leather is friendlier. 

Next, Mr. Ma introduced that Huafon developed its businesses in various industries such as chemical, metal, finance, logistics, trade, real estate, new energy. Among them, the market performance of products of chemical new materials has ranked the top in the industry. The history, responsibility, products and applications of Huafon Microfiber were also introduced. 
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