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Modification technology and application trend of polyamide materials for automobiles
!!Mr. Ding Zhengya, from Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd

2019-09-11 15:22:34
Mr. Ding Zhengya, from Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd delivers his report of Modification technology and application trend of polyamide materials for automobiles 

Mr. Ding divides his report into 3 parts. 

1. Mr. Ding introduced the technical trend of automotive polyamide materials: there is a large market demand for polyamide materials in the automotive industry, about 220 to 250kt; Compared with fuel vehicles/hybrid cars, the amount of polyamide materials used in new energy vehicles is mainly increased in battery, thermal management, electronic control and other modules. The development trend of the automotive industry requires high cost performance nylon materials (customer experience, lightweight, environmental protection, new energy, etc.). 

2. Mr. Ding introduced Kingfa's polyamide product category and a series of modification technology, product structure (HTPA series products), strong data support ability. The ultra-high temperature resistant nylon material "HP", the higher salt resistant nylon material "SR", the Mecell molding special nylon material "MC", the ultra high strength glass fiber reinforced nylon material "HM" are also introduced in detail. It can be used in the development of a series of materials for laser welding and spray-free nylon materials. Kingfa has extensive experience in the application of engine components, thermal management systems, other structural components and automotive electronic components. 

3. Mr. Ding said that Kingfa is a technical solutions provider for automotive materials, covering a full range of services throughout the product development cycle and improving CAE analysis capabilities. The application evaluation ability of automotive materials includes: CAE analysis basic data module, part forming evaluation module, part test module, failure analysis module and so on. 
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