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Hot products of elastic fabric
!!Li Yanjun, analyst from CCFGroup

2018-11-09 17:05:43

The report is mainly divided into four parts: spandex industry operation, downstream weaving and hot elastic fabric, textile and apparel data, and spandex market outlook. 

In the first part, Ms. Li shares the global spandex supply, China spandex capacity and output and price operation and its cash flow. 

Secondly, Ms. Li analyzes the demand of spandex, with the growth rate up above 13% in recent three years, but slowing down in 2018. Demand from covered yarn, warp-knitting and diapers grows obviously, and the growth rate of spandex demand from circular knitting and lace is in single digit. The increases of downstream machines improve the spandex demand overall. 

In the third part, she also shares the textile and apparel exports, domestic demand and stocks, as well as the fabric turnover in China Textile City, yearly growth rate of cotton/spandex elastic fabric and chemical elastic fabric. 

Lastly, the report states the spandex industry outlook. Under the background of trade war, global economy is still under great pressure. Cautious anticipation is held toward price trend in Q4. In the next 1-2 years, the spandex industry is still in the reshuffle period, focusing on shutdown of plants, environmental protection, and capital etc.
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