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Feather yarn market pattern and outlook
!!Pan Wei, General Manager of Zhejiang Tongchuang Textile Co., Ltd.

2018-11-09 16:15:05

Pan Wei introduced the main business and development of Zhejiang Tongchuang Textile Co., Ltd, a benchmarking enterprise with feather yarn which newly emerges on the market.  

Feather yarn started in Taiwan, boomed in Wenzhou, and developed in Shaoxing, Zhangjiagang and Jiaxing, etc. The bursting demand for feather yarn promotes the surge of demand for TFO twisting, plastic pipe, circular knitting machine, jacquard weaving and printing & dyeing. As the requirement for quality turns higher, the crochet machine has upgraded. Puyuan flat knitting machines used in end-user production of feather yarn are gradually reducing and circular knitting machines are increasing in local market. End-user market has gradually realized leaps and bounds from flat knitting to circular knitting. Just in one year, the main specifications develop from 4cm, 1.3cm to 0.3-0.9cm. Profits of feather yarn also move below 10000yuan/mt from thousands and ten thousands of yuan per ton at the early stage. Driven by high profit, many equipment are put into operation and stockpiles accumulate high, resulting in supply length quickly. 

Mr. Pan said, in the future, feather yarn industry still has to experience rebalance of supply and demand. Moderate elimination of outdated equipment and rational restocking tempo are favorable to the recovery of feather yarn industry and the profits will also come back to rational range. The quality and diversity provide main support to its promising development in the future. It is worth expecting the diversification, branding and internationalization of terminal products of feather yarn. 
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