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New development pattern of spandex industrial chain
!!Li Bin, Secretary-General of China Chemical Fiber Association Spandex Professional Committee, General Manager of Zhuji Qingrong New Material Co., Ltd

2018-11-09 15:10:30

Mr. Li's presentation is divided into four parts: development, demand change, technology improvement and market outlook. 

Spandex market witnessed three rounds of adjustment during 2003-2018. The first round of industrial adjustment provided large opportunity to domestic spandex market, and developed the export market. Besides, some European, U.S. and Japanese companies with high labor and production costs were eliminated. The second round of adjustment accelerated the penetration of domestic spandex demand, leading the industry into fast development stage, forcing some small units with high costs from Southeast Asia out of the market. In the third round of adjustment, China spandex industry developed rapidly and entered shuffling period. 

Spandex demand kept fast growth, from swimwear, underwear and sock to casual wear, coat, industrial fabric and health care. 

There are two key words of improving spandex industry's foundation: higher efficiency and quality. The former can be improved from the aspects of technology, spinning speed and multi-end. The latter can be improved from the aspects of stability, ratio of premium grades and differential products. 

Mr. Li forecasted the emergence of giant effect, Characterized production in small and mid-size, High-efficiency technology and low consumption, normalization of sales like payment, product standardization and capacity distribution to show low-cost trend.
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