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Eversun's nylon 6 industry chain strategy
¡ª¡ªWu Huaxin, President and General Director of Eversun Holdings Group

2018-11-09 14:30:26

Mr. Wu first introduced the development history of Eversun Group, how it was gradually developed to a large industrial chain group that integrates the business platform and fully utilizes Industrial 4.0 intelligent production and Internet technology. From 2014 to 2017, the Group has been awarded ¡°Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises¡±, ¡°Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises¡± and ¡°Top 500 Chinese Chemical Enterprises¡± for four consecutive years. 

Eversun Group plans to achieve the "Twenth Five-Year Plan" goal by 2020, and promote the overall development of the Group with terminalization, integration, science and technology, globalization, and intelligent "five transformations." Under the guarantee of the various functional departments of Eversun Group, which is the center of Eversun Science and Technology Innovation Center, it will build a complete industrial chain from naphtha to nylon 6 terminal, covering industrial, aviation, automotive, entertainment, medical, textile and other fields. 

Mr. Wu said that in the future, Eversun Holding Group will focus on the development of new nylon materials, supply chain, construction and intelligent development of engineering and financial services.
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