Nylon market interprets the “collision between expectation and reality” in 2018. Contract deals are done at high prices, but contract deals are more flexible than spot trading. Is contract trading really healthy? New CPL capacities extend to start up, and new nylon 6 chip capacities under construction exceed one million tons. Will the gap between supply and demand be large? Industry giants emerge one after another, and the industry is more concentrated. How will industrial competition change? Environmental problems are still serious, and accidental plant shutdowns happen frequently. What are the influences on upstream and downstream markets? Demand continues to grow firmly. Will there be breakthrough for traditional products? And will demand of new products keep growing stably?

Spandex capacity expansion would see a new peak in 2018, and industry concentration improves further. The advantages in scales, areas and efficiency become more obvious. Industry reshuffle speeds up, and there are more mergers. How will spandex industry transform? How will Chinese spandex enterprises’ international mergers affect global pattern? Will demand growth accord with supply growth? MMDI market outshines others, while PTMEG market is weak. Why the trends of feedstock markets diverge greatly?

We CCFGroup sincerely invite industry experts, leading enterprises and representatives of downstream weaving and garment industries to attend “2018 Nylon & Spandex Industry Forum” in Putian, Fujian in November 8-9, 2018 to discuss in depth the hot issues in the industry. Look forward to your participation!

Meeting Matters


Registration: 13: 00-20:00, Nov 8, 2018 (visit Eversun Technology Plant at 15:00)
Forum: Nov 9, 2018


Holiday Inn Putian Xiuyu
(No. 108, Qingtang Avenue, Xiuyu District, Putian, Fujian province, China)

Conference Fee

USD 1,200/person (Pay on or before Oct 29, 2018 to get the early bird rate of USD 1,100 per delegate! Including: conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation. Excluding: accommodation)

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed Room: 350yuan/person/day
King-size Room: 350yuan/person/day


Contact: Ms Sue Su, Ms Grace Xu
Phone: +86-571-83786653, +86-571-8378-6693
Fax: +86-571-83786600


Refund can be claimed before Oct 19 in written form

Forum Agenda

(Note: topics are still updating and subject to changes)
  • P.M. Nov 8

  • Check in before 14:30
  • Visit Eversun Technology Plant at 15:00
  • Welcome banquet at 18:00-20:00
  • A.M. Nov 9

  • Address from the Organizer and Co-host
  • Welcome address from main leaders of Putian
  • Changes in Interest Rate Policy and Foreign Trade Environment
  • Aromatic market Status amid Rising Crude Oil Market
  • Deep Integration of Big data and Entity Industry
  • Transformation and Upgrading of Warp Knitting Industry
  • Changes and Trend Analysis of Raw Material Procurement
  • P.M. Nov 9

  • Nylon Session
  • Nylon 6 Industry Chain Strategy of Eversun Group
  • Spandex Session
  • New Pattern of Spandex Industrial Chain
  • Changing Industrial Pattern amid Emergence of Nylon Industry Giant
  • Development situation of BDO derivative and PTMEG industries
  • Improvement of Feather Yarn Process and Development Prospect
  • Development and application of elastic polyester fibers
  • Future of Nylon 66 Fibers
  • Development Prospect of Spandex Non-Apparel Industry
  • Probe into Development Status of Nylon Film Market
  • Focus on Hot Elastic Fabric Products


“2018 Nylon & Spandex Industry Forum” hosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd ( and ) will be held in Holiday Inn Putian Xiuyu, Fujian province during Nov 8-9, 2018.
The meeting will be supported by commercial sponsors, providing a platform for the enterprises to communicate with each other. Customers interested in the sponsorship please fill in the "sponsorship confirmation" by fax to the sales department, or call us directly, we can provide you specific programs in accordance with your request. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiry date:Oct 29, 2018

Negotiating room

★ One negotiating room
★ One overseas client participant for free
★ Random advertising page of the conference presentation book
★ Two roll-up banners


Water sponsor

★Provide water for the conference with hangtag on every bottle


One company only;



Large-scale printing

★Outside the conference hall


Eight company only;

Size: width: 3m; height 2.6m


Conference presentations

(A4, color printed)

★ Front cover






★ Inside front cover


★ Inside back cover


★ Back cover


★ First content page


★ Content page


★ Page footer (name, tel)



Business desk B

★ One table, two chairs, and two roll-up banners


Promotional video

★ Play before the conference (sponsor provides the video)
★ Play time: 5 minutes


Three companies only

Back of representative badge

★ Printed with company name, logo, contact number, and slogan
★ Less than 25 Chinese characters


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String of representative badge

★ Printed with company name and logo
★ Sponsor provides the string


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★Pens of delegates are placed in materials bags


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Directory of the forum (page footer)

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★ Sponsors' promotional materials will be placed in materials bags


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Roll-up banner

★0.8m*2m roll-up banner in conference hall or tea-break area


Quantity limited

WeChat promotion

★ Hyperlink advertisement (size: 600*400) is inserted after promotional text in WeChat account of CCFGroup
★ Two text advertisements (not headlines) in Wechat during the forum


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