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New nylon industry structure amid large capacity expansion
!!Li Yi, analyst from CCFGroup

2017-09-15 16:30:03
Li Yi, analyst from CCFGroup, gives his speech
New nylon industry structure amid large capacity expansion

Mr. Li first walked us through nylon industrial chain's performance in recent years, including cash flow, operating rate, inventory and other operating conditions along the industrial chain.

For NFY, there are some backward capacity phased out gradually and capansions have slowed down.
For nylon 6 chip, its cash flow has been obviously improved and new capacities are more for differential products. Li also mentioned about improving share of contract trading in nylon 6 HS chip and its impacts.
For CPL, new capacity is surprisingly high, while with some idled capacities and unstable operating of new plants, the actual impacts shall be neuturalized. CPL plants' profit staggers with steadily growing production.

Then Li also analyzed volatile nylon market in 2017, citing influences from macro side, commodity market, environmental protection, etc..
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