Sep 14-15,2017
Sanding New Century Grand Hotel in Yiwu China
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Macro economy is changeable and complicated in 2017, and global market is in a turmoil. De-leveraging regulation strengthens in Chinese market, and will commodity markets stay bullish? Crude oil has dropped largely, and will agreement on crude oil production restriction restores market confidence? The Federal Reserve is expected to shrink balance sheet after interest rate lift, and will RMB exchange rate be affected?

Affected by multiple factors, nylon industry has witnessed a surging and slumping market since November, 2016. Market confidence is damaged, and demand is influenced. Large CPL capacity expansion in 2017 becomes the focus of nylon industry, and how will supply-demand structure be later? Will supply-demand structure be affected by strengthening environmental protection? How will transition of printing and dyeing industry influences nylon industry? Will export break through amid changing exchange rate?

With various uncertainties and reform exploration of nylon industry, we are sincerely looking forward to meeting you at “12th Nylon Industry Forum (2017)” in global petty commodities market—Yiwu on September 14-15, 2017.

Meeting Matters

Registration:Sep 14, 2017
Forum:Sep 15, 2017
Sanding New Century Grand Hotel, Yiwu, China ★★★★★ (No. 188, Futian Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China)  Map
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USD 1,200/person (Pay on or before Sep 3, 2017 to get the early bird rate of USD 1,100 per delegate! Including: conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation. Excluding: accommodation)
Twin-bed Room: 500yuan/person/day
King-size Room: 550yuan/person/day
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Forum Agenda

Sep 15 A.M.
8:30-8:45 Opening speech
8:45-9:25 USD dollar may weaken further and manufacturing industry may recover
Zhang Zuohao, Hong Ze Mi Dao (Shanghai) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
Zhang Zuohao, math bachelor of University of Science and Technology of China, and master of Tohoku University in Japan. He is the student of Zhutian Yahao, who is the student of Kiyoshi Ito, founder of ITO formula. He is the macro economy analyst of Horizon Insights, and is good at logical deduction of macro economy and analyzing financial market with empirical data. He has unique insights on large-category asset allocation.
9:25-10:05 Chinese domestic benzene industry pattern and outlook
Cao Yang, deputy director of organic department of Sinopec Chemical Sales Company
Cao Yang has been working on sales of petrochemical products after graduation from university since 1990, and has worked on sales of benzene in headquarter for over 12 years. He is now Sinopec’s senior economist with professorship.
10:05-10:15 Tea break
10:15-10:55 Mutual influence of nylon upstream and downstream markets
——He Zhuosheng, chairman of Nylon Branch of China Chemical Fibers Association, vice-general manager of Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd
He Zhuosheng, president of Nylon Branch of China Chemical Fibers Association, and deputy director of chemical fiber committee of 25th council of China Textile Engineering Society. Mr. He entered Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. after graduation from Donghua University in 1992. He is now deputy general manager and vice-director of technology center of the company. He has acquired master’s degree of business administration in Donghua University.
In charge of technology center of the national-identified enterprise, Mr. He promotes technology innovation activities of the enterprise, and organizes the plans and researches of new differentiated and functional products. He has applied for 7 service patents, and is the first to research and develop green fibers in nylon industry.
Mr. He has been working in nylon industry for over 20 years, and he has ever worked on import & export business, purchasing, marketing and technology development. He takes part in relevant work of the institution and government actively, and plays a role in the formulation of 13th five-year plan of chemical fiber industry in China as the leader of the formulation group.
10:55-11:35 Development trend of nylon industry
——Tan Yankun, vice-general manager of Yiwu Huading Nylon Co., Ltd
Tan Yankun was born in 1972 in Shandong Province. He graduated from Qingdao University major in chemical fiber technology in 1994, and gained MBA degree in Lanzhou University of Technology in 2011-2013. He worked in Zibo Huarui Nylon Co., Ltd in 1994-2003. Then he joined Yiwu Huading Nylon Co.,Ltd. In July in 2003, and ever worked as the manager of production department and vice-general manager in charge of production. He is now vice-general manager of Huading and executive vice-president of research institute, in charge of research and development of new products and technologies.
11:35-11:50 Facing the future of polyamide 6 technology
——Ekkehard Siebecke, head of Process & Equipment Design/product manager PA, Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH
Ekkehard Siebecke, head of Process & Equipment Design department and product manager of Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH. He has worked in the company for 16 years, and has ever worked as technology engineer, plant operation manager and project manager. Mr. Siebecke is professional in technology design, and is expert in development and maintenance of polyamide technology. He is good at coordinating with the research and development department, and has good insights on customers’ demand and market trend in polyamide sector.
Sep 15 P.M.
14:00-14:40 Nylon 66 industry status quo and analysis
——Du Xuan, president of Liaoning Yinzhu ChemTex Group Co., Ltd, senior engineer with professorship, specialist of Special Allowance of State Council
Du Xuan, president and Party secretary of Liaoning Yinzhu ChemTex Group Co., Ltd., graduate from Dalian Polytechnic University in chemical fiber major, MBA of Roosevelt University in US, and senior engineer with professorship. He is the leader of science in Yingkou in Liaoning. He is the vice-president of industry and commerce association, member of the 13rd and 14th National People's Congress, and member of Financial and Economic Committee of NPC. He is honored to win the titles of excellent entrepreneur in Yingkou, entrepreneur pioneer in Yingkou, model worker in Yingkou, May 1st labor medal in Yingkou, model worker in Liaoning, excellent expert in Liaoning, and specialist of Special Allowance of State Council.
14:40-15:20 Application of nylon in weaving industry
——Zhang Changjian, general-manager of Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd
Zhang Changjian, general manager of Fuhua Weaving from Aug in 2008 till now.
15:20-15:35 Research and application of biology-base polyamide
——Liu Xiucai, president and CEO of Cathay Industrial Biotech Co., Ltd.
Liu Xiucai, student of University of Science and Technology of China, doctor of University of Wisconsin in US, post doctor of Columbia University and Yale University, senior researcher of Shandushi research institute of medicine in US. He established the largest Chinese organization, US-China medicine institute, and acted as the first director. Mr. Liu returned China to start a business in 1994, and also worked as the mentor of post doctors in Beijing University, leading a number of major national projects. He established Cathay Industrial Biotech in 1997, which is professional in research and industrialization of biological materials. The company has launched a series of subversive biomaterial technologies, including long-chain dicarboxylic acid production through biological method, biological butanol fuel, biology-based MPMD and polyamide. The company is the leader in the sector. Mr. Liu has been awarded as one of Top 100 most influential people in biological energy in the world.
15:35-15:45 Tea break
15:45-16:25 Modified nylon industry status and outlook
——Zhao Yong, marketing director of Nanjing Julong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd
Zhao Yong entered Nanjing Julong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd in 2001. He has worked as research and development engineer, sales manager and marketing director for 15 years. He knows the application in downstream markets of modified engineering plastics well.
16:25-17:05 New CPL supply structure amid large capacity expansion
——Li Yi, analyst of Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Li Yi, analyst of nylon industry. He has taken part in the organization of nylon conferences several times. He has ever made a speech in industry conferences, and he specializes in researches on nylon industry chain.
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