View industrial development from polyester-nylon-spandex market
¡ª¡ªYuan Yuan, Senior analyst of CCFGroup

2016-09-23 15:23:40
Ms. Yuan firstly analyzed the change of main fibers production and demand in past 5 years. Cotton is in worst conditions but prosperity started to recover from 2016. Vicose has been developing steadily but capacity is hard to expand significantly due to the policy. Spandex growth rate slows down but remains at high level. Recycled polyester evidently declines amid multiple restrains. In the future, players can pay attention to demand, crude oil and policy etc. 

Secondly, she analyzed industrial operations of polyester-nylon-spandex. The three fibers experience similar developments. Spandex profits are squeezed to historical low, nylon profits reluctantly maintain while polyester profits are relatively good. 

At last, she compared the three industries and analyzed how to develop with each others' experience. Nylon and polyester are similar in structure, application, operation style and development cycle while spandex is close to the general demand of chemical fiber and meanwhile has its own development trend. In the future, nylon can learn polyester from differentiation while spandex can expand application in potential fileds and content in garments. But spandex has problems in dyeing, differentiation and exports etc.