Status quos and future product development of nylon and spandex market
¡ª¡ªZhang Shuai

2016-09-22 14:12:05
Mr. Zhang's speech was analyzed from three aspects: Spandex and nylon industrial operation, spandex and nylon product development and competition & cooperation. 

He pointed out that the overall performance of nylon industry in 2016 was weaker than that in 2015 and spandex industry stepped into downward cycle. In downstream sector, textile and apparel industry sees evidently lower growth rate of domestic sales compared with that in 2015, but shows signs of recovery. Textile and apparel exports gradually decrease while export prices increase properly. Meanwhile, opening of brand stores apparently slows down. Demand for high-end textile equipment automation increases regionally and that for non-woven equipment keeps increasing, but dyeing and printing equipment procurement declines. 

Thin fabric made of fine filament is the mainstream of nylon fabric. Fabric with multiple color, transparent or translucent and wrinkle effect, light, elastic and glossy property and composite technology will the direction of nylon fabric development. Mr. Zhang said that in outdoor fabric, super fiber made from nano can reach the effect of windproof and breathability simultaneously, whose weight can be less than 40g. Moreover, the fabric will appear in different colors by changing array of nanoparticles, completely free from contamination. 

As for spandex material development, Mr. Zhang introduced materials-chlorine-resistant spandex, colored spandex, spandex of easy sizing in low temperature, spandex for diapers and other differential spandex. Spandex waste fiber can be used to produce composite material, which has already been applied in automobile.

Mr. Zhang said that China's textile competitors are mainly from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Cambodia. China’s apparel export faces larger competition exposure than textile on the back of direct competition from emerging countries. Finally he thought that ZARA, GAP, H&M and Uniqlo can be our partners.