New requirements of sports and outdoor products on fiber
¡ª¡ªChen Zhong

2016-09-22 11:50:12
Mr. Chen divided fiber feedstock application into four parts: apparel, home textiles, industrial application and bio-medical nursing, in which apparel market consumed most share. There are several categories in apparel market: formal wear, fashion, casual, sports and outdoors, in which sports industry has a very strong potential.  

So what are the basic requirements for sport and outdoor market? Mr. Chen thought the real sporters care more for the function & wearability like water, wind and UV proof, breathes, etc.. Besides, contribution to the environment is also required. Chen also points out in clothing color matching, light-colored part is usually replaced by its twin polyester product. 

At last, Chen said that although people like the touch and texture of nylon, most materials are transferring to polyester. For the future challenges and opportunities, he suggested to reserve the nylon style, reduce cost by optimizing the whole industrial chain, and expand market. Besides, improve part of color fastness on technique to accommodate to larger market. Then, innovate materials and processing technology, and promote environment protection.