In 2016, China is boosting supply-side reform while nylon and spandex industries are under the shadow of overcapacity. It is imminent for both industries to transform and upgrade. Innovation becomes the common choice for all enterprises.
During the upgrading, enterprises should be closer to the heart of beauty for life and wear. Nylon and spandex fabrics and clothes precisely meet the demand for beauty and comfort.
Nowadays, healthy life styles including running, body building and outdoors etc. are highly advocated. In this circumstance, how could nylon and spandex companies seize business opportunities to further develop market potential?
Pursue selfhood to show agility and fashion. Advocate freedom to enjoy health and comfort. We are sincerely looking forward to meeting you at “Innovation·Fashion·Health——2016 nylon & spandex industry forum” in Hangzhou on September 21-23, 2016 after G20 summit.

Meeting Matters

Registration: Sep 21, 2016
Forum: Sep 22-Sep 23 A.M., 2016
New Century Grand Hotel, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, China ★★★★★
(No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)
Conference Fee:
USD 1,200/person (Pay on or before Sep 9, 2016 to get the early bird rate of USD 1,100 per delegate! Incl. conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation; excl. accommodation)
Twin-bed Room:550yuan/person/day
King-size Room:600yuan/person/day
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Forum Agenda

Sep 22 A.M.
8:30-8:45 Opening speech
8:45-9:25 Waiting for opportunities when the economy bottoms again
--Feng Jie, research director of Galaxy Futures
Distinguished lecturer from China Futures Association, special guest of China Business Network's Futures Market Today Program, distinguished lecturer from Shanghai Futures Exchange, lecturer from Dalian Commodity Exchange, head of elite analyst team from SHFE, outstanding industry analyst from SHFE, award-winning team leader from DCE, excellent analyst for Futures Daily and Securities Times, interviewed by CCTV and CNR for several times.
9:25-10:05 Popular fabric in the guide of fashion
--Wang Yueping, professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Wang Yueping is a professor from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, with a bachelor's degree from Donghua University, a master's degree from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and a doctorate from Sichuan University, and has been awarded as Outstanding Young Teacher of Beijing and Teaching Masters in Higher Education of Beijing. Mr. Wang is experienced in researching and developing focused on new materials, new technology and new products of textile and apparels.
Mr. Wang has been in charge of about 20 provincial and municipal scientific research projects delivered by Ministry of Science and Technology, State Forestry Bureau, Beijing Organization Department and Board of Education of Beijing, has made research on the projects of Research on the New Technique of Bamboo Fiber and Paper from Bamboo Pulp, Test Procedure Standard of Bamboo Fiber for Textiles and Research and Application of Natural Dye’s Dyeing Technology and its Colors and moreover, Mr. Wang also sets two items of standard of Bamboo Fibers For Textiles and Test Procedure Standard of Bamboo Fiber for Textiles.
Mr. Wang has published nearly 70 papers on international magazines and domestic core journals, such as Textile Research Journal, Surface of Interface Analysis, Textile Asia and Journal of Donghua University and has written 8 monographs and textbooks, like Design and Technique of Dyeing by Vegetable Dyes.
10:05-10:25 Nylon industry meeting technology communication
--Lu Jiping, vice director of technology center of Transfar Chemicals
Luhas begun his work of research and development of synthetic fiber spin-finishes since 1996, and has set the industry standards of polyester & nylon DTY spin-finish. He has extensive experience and firm technical accumulation.
10.25-10.35 Tea break
10:35-11:15 New requirements of sports and outdoor products on fiber
--Chen Zhong
Chen Zhong, graduated from Donghua University and majored in textile engineering, has engaged in textile industrial chain for more than 20 years, having rich experience in spinning, weaving, dyeing, coating and laminating and abundant experience in textile fabric for outdoor exercise. He worked in TEIJIN Limited for 9 years, acted as front line production manager for many years and then turned to be fabric sales manager. Later, he jointed Decathlon to date, who is the material department technological manager now, once worked as fabric development manager, regional quality manager and fabric sourcing manger during the more than 10-year career.
11:15-11:55 Status quos and future product development of nylon and spandex market
--Zhang Shuai, strategic market director of Far Eastern
Graduated as a PHD of material-science from Donghua University, Zhang had been a visiting scholar in UCLA, and participated many times in the project of STIA (State Technological Invention Award) and SSTPA (State Scientific And Technological Progress Award). Zhang once worked as director of fabric development in China of Decathlon, and is now the strategic director of Far Eastern, in charge of research, investment and financing in mining, chemical, light chemical and textiles, etc. He is mastered in functional fiber design and has 13 patents for innovation. He is familiar with the whole textile chain, owning over 10,000 company resources across chemical, chemical fiber, textiles and apparels.
Sep 22 P.M. (Spandex seminar)
14:00-14:40 Sustainable development of PolyTHF® in the current market environment
--Dr. Thomas Giesenberg, vice director of intermediate department of BASF Asia-Pacific
Dr. Thomas Giesenberg was born in Germany in 1976 and got a PHD in chemistry in University of Hannover, and is married with 3 children.
2012 BASF Europe, Germany, member and project leader of intermediate,
2011 BASF Future Business Co., Ltd., Germany, senior manager of electric transportation business
2009 BASF Europe, Germany, technology strategy and basic management director of dispersions and pigment department
2008 Ciba AG, Switzerland, director of paint, coatings and coating effect application center
2007 Ciba AG, Switzerland, team leader of operation agenda innovation and enterprise technology
2004 Ciba AG, Switzerland, chief of research & development, coating effect lab
14:40-15:20 Nylon and spandex knitted products and the development of knitting industry
--Lin Guangxing, vice president of China Knitting Industrial Association
Have long engaged in knitting technology, product development and industrial research, Lin takes the lead in competing reports for knitting cluster, main product R & D, industry development and warp knitting industry research. He has completed some major projects for the country and industry (such as high-end car interiors, biaxial warp knitting, composite materials, etc.). He has established a number of design studios and laboratories since1988, and attended identification, argument and evaluation in textiles, materials, machinery fields since 1991.
15:20-16:00 Demand development of spandex and application of differential products
--Mr. Lee, general manager of Hyosung
Mr. Lee, general manager of Hyosung Group, has been working in China for 12 years. His China sales team has been keeping Hyosung spandex at the top of market share. He is rich in market experience and familiar with global spandex market and the development tendency of upstream and downstream products.
16:00-16:40 The change of spandex demand from covered yarn industry
--Guo Min, chemical fiber equipment sales manager of Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd.
Guo Min, manager of Chemical Fiber Equipment Sales Department of Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd., led his team to open the market structure of Jinggong’s equipment. He has been commitment to covered yarn equipment sales for nearly 20 days, and is rich in market experience and familiar with demand from covered yarn market for equipment and raw materials.
16:40-17:20 The new normal of spandex industry
--Ni Xiaolan, senior analyst of CCFGroup
Senior analyst of CCFGroup, as well as group leader of spandex, Ni has extensive experience in spandex industry of CCFGroup. She initiated many spandex meetings and principle research works in China and overseas market. She also made speeches in other industrial or related meetings.
Sep 22 P.M. (Nylon seminar)
14:00-14:30 Deep analysis and outlook on global and China's benzene market
--Yu Jing, China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute
Ms. Yu Jing, a senior consultant on petrochemical industry at China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute, has been providing consultation service to petrochemical enterprises both domestic and abroad, and participated in drafting Medium to Long Term Development Program for National Petrochemical and Energy sectors. She has drafted and completed various market report on chemicals, project proposals, feasibility studies and researches on chemical investment opportunities. She has rich experience and insightful knowledge concerning to China’s energy and chemical markets, especially in aromatics sectors in recent years.
Ms. Yu has obtained MBA degree in environment and energy management at Twente University in Netherlands, master’s degree in polymeric materials and engineering at Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, bachelor’s degree in polymer engineering at Qingdao University of Science and Technology. In addition, she experienced marketing training at Maastricht School of Management in Netherlands.
Ms. Yu has published dozens of papers on domestic and overseas renounced journals, and delivered speeches on international petrochemical seminars, both of which are widely recognized.
14:30-15:00 CPL market outlook
--Gao Younian, synthetic division of Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company
Gao Younian graduated from Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology (now Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology) with a bachelor's degree in chemical fiber engineering. He worked as General Manager of Chemical Fiber Sales Company of Luoyang Petrochemical in 1991-2005, and Chief Director of Synthetic Raw Materials, SCCHC since 2005.
Now, he’s mainly working on research and marketing management on polyester & feedstock, nylon & feedstock and acrylic fiber & feedstock.
Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited (SCCHC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinopec Corp., with an annual sales volume of more than 50 million tons.
15:00-15:20 Zimmer's polyamide 6 technology focused on customer needs
--Gerald Kriesche, head of R&D and Product Management of Technip Zimmer
Mr. Gerald Kriesche joined Zimmer AG in 1990 and has been working as Technology Director since end of 2007 – at this time in Technip Zimmer Process Technology. Since 2011 – he has been responsible for the Technology of Polymers and for the technological Support of the Polymer Business and Polymer Sales within Technip Zimmer Process Technology. Mr. Kriesche started his job with Zimmer AG in the R&D department and moved later to the technological management and during this time he was also responsible for several start-ups of different PET Plants. Before that time he was engaged for more than 15 years in the polyester and polyamide production incl. in the PA 6 recycling industry.
15:20-15:50 Technological tendency of polyamide resin's application in modified engineering plastic
--Ding Chao, nylon product line manager of Kingfa SCI. & TECH. Co., Ltd.
Ding Chao, born in 1986, joined Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd. after obtaining master’s degree of materials science major in Beijing Institute of Technology. As product line engineer, Mr. Ding is engaged with blending modification study of nylon engineering plastic. He has issued several academic papers and applied for patent for tens of his invention. He took General Manager of nylon production line since end 2015.
15:50-16:20 New pattern in polyamide 66 global supply & demand
-- Crystal Chiang, Asian director of PCI WOOD MACKENZIE
Jiang was graduated as a chemical major from Taiwan Soochow University, and then got a PHD degree in UMass Lowell. Her first job after returning Taiwan was in BASF Taiwan in 1988, and then moved to and worked for Taiwan CPC for 7 years. In 2007, she joined Singapore CMAI and focused on nylon feedstock, chip and related business. Since 2010, Jiang has worked as a consultant in PCI and is now dwelled in Taipei.
16:20-16:40 Introduction on Sumitomo Chemical's polyamide-6 project
--Wang Yan, vice general manager (polymer) of Sumika Plastics and Chemicals Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd.
Mr. Wang Yan is now working as vice general manager (polymer) of Sumika Plastics and Chemicals Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology and got MBA degree of China Europe Business Administration Institute in 2006. Mr. Wang has certain knowledge of polymer business and international trade.
16:40-17:10 New trends of nylon industrial chain in 2016
--Qin Zhijian, senior analyst of CCFGroup
Senior analyst as well as group leader of nylon products, Qin has organizedand made speech in nylon industrial meeting of CCFGroup for many years. He also took lead in principle nylon industrial research work.
Sep 23 A.M.
8:30-9:10 Problem and solution of dyeing elastic spandex textiles
--Qian Hongfei, professor of Shaoxing University
Qian Hongfei, professor and engineering doctor, master tutor, is a leading person in higher education of Zhejiang province and director of “Key Lab of Clean Dyeing and Finishing Technology of Zhejiang Province”. Qian has been studying and teaching textile dyeing processing theory, and has held over 20 national, provincial and municipal projects. After long-term research, Qian has achieved large results in disperse dye dyeing mechanism, dyeing technology and disperse dye modification of spandex or new fibers such as poly (lactic acid) (PLA). Qian has published over 50 research reports on important magazines such as “Dyes and Pigments”, “Coloration Technology”, and “Textiles Journal”, and has authorized 11 national invention patents, and the projects he held won prices in the province for many times.
9:10-9:50 “Green fiber”, green life
--Liu Xiangdong, vice market manager of Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd.
Liu Xiangdong has got bachelor’s degree in chemical fiber & chemicals and economic management, and is now a customer service manager. Since 2006, Liu has been working in Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd., as pre-spinning director, vice sales manager, vice marketing manager and head of green fiber project. He has been recently dedicated to nylon 6 green fiber, functional fiber, home textiles and other special sectors development and promotion, and is keeping in touch with technique specialist of fibers applied in home textiles, covered yarn, warp and weft weaving, lace, automatic weaving, hosiery, seamless underwear, elastic ribbons.
9:50-10:00 Tea break
10:00-10:40 View industrial development from polyester-nylon-spandex market
-- Yuan Yuan, Senior analyst of CCFGroup
Senior analyst and project leader specializes in research on polyester industry chain. She has delivered speeches on industrial topics and took the lead in many cooperation projects.
Specialty: research on polyester chain
10:40-11:20 Brief talk on weaving of chemical filament
--Ni Guomiao, Senior analyst of CCFGroup
Senior analyst as well as group leader of polyester products, Ni has engaged in the polyester and PFY market research work for many years, and has made speeches in industrial meetings, and initiated several important tailored research in China and overseas market.
*Note: Topics are subject to final adjustment.


Innovation·Fashion·Health——2016 nylon & spandex industry forum” hosted by and will be held in New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou China during Sep 21-23, 2016 after G20 summit.
The meeting will be supported by commercial sponsors, providing a platform for the enterprises to communicate with each other. Customers interested in the sponsorship please fill in the "sponsorship confirmation" by fax to the sales department, or call us directly, we can provide you specific programs in accordance with your request. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Items Form Fee Remark
Co-Sponsor ★ Company name appear as Co-Sponsor
★ One content page inside conference presentations book
★ One large scale-printing outside conference hall
★ One oversea client participance
Negotiation room ★ One meeting room for negotiation (half day)
★ Conference fee of two domestic participants will be waived
★ AD in content page of conference presentations (A4, color printed)
★ 2 Roll-up banners
Large-scale printing
★ Background of registration desk
★ Size: width: 4m; height 2.8m (only one company)
$1850 full
★ Background of conference service desk
★ Size: width: 3.6m; height: 2.5m
$1250 only one company
★ Outside the conference hall
★ Size: width: 3m; height: 2.4m
Ad in the conference presentations (A4, color printed) ★ Front cover $2300 Self-designation Size: 216×291mm, 300dpi
★ Inside front cover $1400
★ Inside back cover $1250
★ Back cover $1400
★ First content page $1400
★ Content page $950
Conference service desk A ★ 2 Roll-up banners, 1 desk, and 2 chairs
Conference service desk B ★ Large-scale printing, 2 desks and 4 chairs
$1850 full
Promotion video
★ Displayed before conference (within five minutes)
★ Provided by the company itself
$1400 Three companies
Back of representative badge ★ Printed with company name, logo, contact number, and slogan
★ (Less than 25 Chinese characters)
$1250 full
Pens ★ Pens in materials bags
$500 Only one company
Handouts ★ Sponsors' promotion materials will be placed in material bags
★ One handout for each corporation and sponsor provide the material
$800 Only one company
Materials bag ★ Sponsors provide materials bags and one promotional materials can be placed in it. $800 Only one company
Directory of the forum (page footer) ★ Company name, telephone number and advertisement (within 25 Chinese characters)
$310 Only one company
Brochures delivery ★ Sponsors can provide promotional brochures in material bag
$620 full
Roll-up banner ★ Roll-up banner for promotion (0.8m x2m)
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