August 8-9,2013
New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China☆☆☆☆☆
Welcome to the 8th Nylon Industry Forum(2013)

In the year of 2012, European crisis continued pullulating and US economy was in dullness as well. Emerging economies experienced a hard time, as a result of sluggish recovery worldwide. China gradually lost its edge in dense population and land resources, and bore more pressure from the environment—China's "Golden Decade" has passed. The industry suffered a harsh time with the urgent need for an overall upgrade. Entering 2013, is there a chance for global economy to grow out of the depression, for China to reproduce a miracle?

In recent years, "Counter-Cyclical" has become an ordinary state of nylon industry. Huge investment and heavy oversupply along the industrial chain have pushed players to seek market balance as a long-term goal. After sharp price decline in 2012, will end-user market bring light to the fast expanded market? and will host 8th Nylon Industry Forum during Aug 8-9, 2013. Top research institutions as well as leading enterprises will be attending this deep-in analysis on the challenges and opportunities facing nylon market. We are sincerely looking forward to meeting you in Hangzhou!

Lai Tianming
General Manager, Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd.


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