August 23-24, 2012
New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China°Ó°Ó°Ó°Ó°Ó
Welcome to the 2012 Elastic Fiber and Fashion Fabric Summit°™°™Nylon & Spandex Industry Forum
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  • Gao Younian, Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company
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  • Sun Huaibin, China National Textile and Apparel Council

Elastic and fashion, the two words are leading the modern clothing idea and fitting in people's growing aspiration for fashion, freedom, comfort and individual character toward apparels, fiber and textiles.

Nylon and spandex, both two as high-quality fiber, with high elasticity, strength and resistance, are uniquely featured in high-end close-fit and strong abrasion-resistant, thus are widely applied to sport wears, under wears, outdoor clothes and casual apparel and favored in the fashion world.

In the year of 2012, nylon industry chain sees structural problems standing out more than usual and it is granted with grand new opportunity and adjustment. Whether there will be vitality and growth, is closely followed by insiders.

In 2012, the third wave of capacity expansion in spandex market gradually faded away. Will spandex industry return to glory in post capacity expansion era?

What innovation and good luck with the differential nylon and spandex fibers bring to downstream market? How will they combine themselves with downstream industry and reside well in the fashion fabric market?

Faced with the multiple topics in both industry chains, and will host 2012 Elastic Fiber and Fashion Fabric Summit during August 23-24, 2012 in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. A deep and insightful discussion will be held among us and relevant authorities, research institutes and industrial senior experts on current hot and focused issues. We believe your particular presence will surely make a difference to it!

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