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5th Nylon Industry Forum(2010)

2009/10 will be a remarkable year for nylon industry with CPL heading up to historical new high and end-user demand changing. The demand from traditional market grows steadily and other end-user market also sees sky-rocketing increases. Who is driving market? Will it be sustainable or actually bring possible danger to the industry?

The imbalance within nylon industry is more serious. Amid such imbalance, feedstock prices sometimes ignore cost trend. Meanwhile, the anti-dumping investigations initiated on feedstocks also cast shadows to industry development. Besides, ECFA (economic cooperation framework agreement between China Mainland and Taiwan) is on the agenda. How will it change nylon industry in the two areas? As to macro environment, US economy and emerging markets are experiencing gradual recovery, but Euro Zone crisis is just spreading. In China, the RMB appreciation and possible tighter macro-control measures arouse much concern. Will the unfavorable climate drag down nylon industry from continuous gains?

Nylon industry never meets such complicated internal and external environment. Looking back the past, financial crisis once gave heavy blow to nylon industry; looking ahead, there are uncertainties and difficulties, but as well, hopes and chances, if we could stand higher. Our Nylon Industry Forum would like to grow stronger with you together.

5th Nylon Industry Forum(2010)
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